I'm the king of the castle....


This huge and just amazing royal castle set by Tender Leaf Toys will stretch children's imaginations.  Be the hero of your kingdom whilst you keep the invaders away with your very own fire breathing dragon! 


Ride your knights to safety through the castle gates. Practice your jousting skills.  Hold up your white flag and call a truce....


The possibilities are endless. 


Children will love this beautifully crafted set containing 13 walls, 2 archways, 2 heraldic shields, 20 connecting blocks, 6 tower blocks, 10 red tops, 4 castellations, 2 green towers, 6 red and black soldiers, 2 jousting tents, 6 flags, 2 horses, a dragon and trebuchet, 2 trees, 2 stands, 10 hedges, 1 roof and 2 plastic spears.

Royal castle

SKU: TL8321
  • Great for role and creative play!

    Suitable for ages 3+

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