The MAM Easy Start bottle large starter set is ideal for parents who would like to purchase everything needed for bottle feeding in one item. This set comprises the components of 12 bottles (in 2 different sizes) complete with additional medium teats, handles and a spout to move baby onto a cup when they're ready.


There is also a MAM soother and sealing discs to turn the smaller bottles into Milk Storage pots.


The MAM Anti-colic bottle reduces colic by 80% thanks to the ventilation holes in the base which ensures a smooth milk flow and babies don't swallow any air. The MAM’s Silk Teat® makes the switch between Mum and MAM particularly easy.


These bottles are made with function and designed with their smart self-sterilising function to ensure that when mum or dad is out and about they can sterilise their baby’s bottle quick and easy. The self-sterilising function means that parents can simply heat the bottle in the microwave with 20ml of water and in 3 minutes, the bottle is sterilised!


This complete 23-piece bottle starter set grows with baby including small, medium and large bottles that combine individually.


All parts are interchangeable to suit different stages of baby's development.

MAM Easy Start 23pc Bottle Starter Set Neutral

    • 6 x 160ml Anti-Colic bottles
    • 6 x 260ml anti-Colic bottle bodies
    • 2 x Medium Flow Teats
    • 4 x sealing discs
    • 1 x soft spout
    • 1 x handle
    • 1 x start soother

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