The perfect sleep companion! Playing 4 comforting sounds (heartbeat, rainfall, static white noise or brahms lullaby) and with a gentle warm glowing tummy, Percy the Penguin creates a lovely soothing environment for your baby to drift off to sleep in. The built in CrySensor cleverly listens in and reactivates to help keep them calm should they stir.

Promising to always be there, the CrySensor technology means that Percy automatically activates when baby cries, so that he can soothe little ones back to sleep in an instant, without Mum or Dad having to get up. The sounds play for 20 minutes and then Percy switches to standby mode for three hours, but rest assured he is listening intently and will turn on at any point during standby mode to play either the white noise static or Brahms lullaby sound thanks to the CrySensor function.

GroFriends Sleep Aid Percy the Penguin

    • Penguin character from GroFriends
    • Replicates pre-birth sounds
    • 4 different levels of light
    • CrySensor technology
    • 4 soothing sounds - Heartbeat, Rainfall, White Noise static and Brahms Lullaby
    • Innovative CrySensor technology
    • Buttons in wings allow toddlers to self-soothe
    • Adjustable Volume – High, Mid, Low (Tailored to suit your baby)
    • Sounds play for 20 minutes
    • 3 different levels of light (Low,Mid and High), automatically switches off after 30 minutes
    • Secure Velcro Fastening – attach to cot, moses basket, pushchair or car sea
    • Tested and Conforms to EN71-1/2/3
    • Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)
    • Suitable From Birth

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