About Us

Nothing is more powerful than a child's imagination, and there is no better way to learn than having fun, this is why at Early Years Education Centre, we want to light a fire in children's imagination and really spark their interest in realistic activities.

This is why we developed Roleplay Revolution, we haven't just bought into an educational program, we have developed our own. 

Roleplay Revolution is an education like no other, we are so special and unique because we allow children to experience true to life situations, in carefully planned educational realistic environments, our skilled trained staff will support your child's roleplay activities nurturing empathy, politeness and courteous behaviour.

Developing a caring, beautifully mannered generation is at the heart of what we do, we want every child to be whatever and whomever they want to be, with no limitations.

Children gain relevant and relatable experiences, in a beautiful meaningful environment, that spurs their interest, inspires them, and creates opportunities for purposeful conversation.

Over the last year children's experiences have been reduced, most of the activities we take for granted such as going to the shops, or hairdressers, even just going for a meal, have been an impossibility, our education supports children in preparing for the new normal by giving children opportunities to experience these activities.

We know you want your child to be more than just a number and not just another child in another nursery.

It would be nice to have a cuppa and chat with your child's key worker, as let's be honest, sometimes everything can be solved with a good old brew and a chat.

You want a nursery where every staff member knows their name, and understands their wants and needs, and to be treated like the practitioner's own child.

Being the smallest nursery locally this is what we can offer, and we believe that by being a small setting, we can better support your child's learning and development due to the smaller classes, allowing consistency with key workers and smaller key worker groups thus allowing staff to develop strong relationships with your child, and to track and support their education.

Our Lichfield day nursery Early Years Education Centre opened its doors in February 2016, providing full day care for children aged between three months and five years, and between our management team alone we have over 60 years of experience in the Early Years sector.


We also use a digital app called famly, where parents and guardians can not only witness a child's development portfolio but also contribute to their learning journey.


Nursery to us isn't a business, it's our heart and soul, our family.


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